Chapters in Books

Metallotherapeutic Drugs and Metal-Based Diagnostic Agents: The Use of Metals in Medicine, Wiley-Europe publishers, Editing by Marcel Gielen and Edward Tiekink, Chapter 20.”46Pd The Use of Palladium-based Drugs in Medicine” by A. Garoufis, S.K. Hadjikakou and N. Hadjiliadis.


Interaction of Thioamides, Selenoamides and Amides with Di-iodine: A Study of the Mechanism of Action of Anti-thyroid Drugs, Sotiris K. Hadjikakou and Nick Hadjiliadis in Innovations in Chemical Biology, Springer 2008, Chapter 13 p.


Metal Complex Interactions with Nucleic Acids and/or DNA Edited by Sotiris K. Hadjikakou and Christina N. Banti Printed Edition of the Special Issue Published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Antimicrobial Materials with Medical Applications Endited by  Sotiris Hadjikakou, Christina N. Banti, Andreas K. Rossos This is a reprint of articles from the Special Issue published online in the open access journal International Journal of Molecular Sciences (ISSN 1422-0067) (available at: issues/materials medical applications