SURNAME : Hadjikakou    

FIRST NAME(S): Sotiris                                                        

TITLE: Professor

Date and place of birth: 1/11/1964, Famagusta CYPRUS

Nationality: GREEK

Affiliation and official address:

(a) University of Ioannina (, Department of Chemistry, Laboratory of Biological inorganic Chemistry, Ioannina 45110, GREECE

(b) Institute of Materials Science and Computing (, University Research Center of Ioannina (URCI), Ioannina, Greece

Tel x302651008374 (office) +302651008362 (Laboratory)



Personal Websites:


Education (degrees, dates, universities)

1. B.Sc, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece,1987

2. Ph.D, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece,1992


Career/Employment (employers, positions and dates)

2019- today          Member of the Institute of Materials Science and Computing, University of Ioannina, Greece

2016- today          Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Biological Inorganic Chemistry (

2013- today          Professor at the Section of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry of the University Ioannina, Greece

8/2008-2/2013    Associate Professor at the Section of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry of the University Ioannina, Greece

4/2002-8/2008    Assistant Professor at the Section of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry of the University Ioannina, Greece

9/1996 - 4/2002 Lecturer at the Section of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry of the University Ioannina, Greece

1/2000-9/2000    Post-doctoral researcher, University of Dortmund, Germany

6/1997-9/1997    Visiting researcher Department of Chemistry and Biology, University of ESSEX, Colchester, UK


Membership in Professional Societies

[1] Member of the Greek Chemists Association (AGC) (Greek branch of the European Chemical Society (EuChemS))

[2] Member of the Hellenic Society of Medicinal Chemistry (HSMC) (Greek branch of the European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (EFMC))

[3] Member of the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry (SBIC)


Academic/Research Overview

-   Number of papers in refereed journals: 207, h-index: 45, total number of citations: 6500 (Google Scholar February 2023), Supervisor for 7 Ph.D (+4 in progress) and 45 (+5 in progress) Master theses, up to now.

-   Patents: 2.

-   Editor in Scientific books: 2

-   Chapter in collective volumes books: 3,

-   Number of text books: 6

-   Number of communications to scientific meetings: 143, proceedings in international conference 15

-   Invited Oral presentations 28 (in international conferences), 3 (Invited speaker in International foreign Departments)


Research Ranking by

Among Top Chemistry Scientists in Greece (December 6th, 2021) (


Member of the editorial boards of the

[1]    ELSEVIER-Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (

[2]    MDPI-International Journal of Molecular Science (

[3]    MDPI-Antibiotics (

[4]    Journal of Balkan Science and Technology (JBST) (


Scientific Networks

[1] COST Action CM1105 "Functional metal complexes that bind to biomolecule", Member of the Working Group "WG 4: Interactions of metallo-drugs on the cellular level" at

[2] COST Action CA15114 (National Representative) «Anti-Microbial Coating Innovations to Prevent Infectious Diseases (AMICI) Member of the Working Group "WG 1: Antimicrobial Materials Safe-by-Design"

[3] COST Action CIG15114 “e-PlatformePlatform for a “test bed” tool across EU for antimicrobial coating solutions in health care entering to the market”

[4] COST Action CA17104 (STRATAGEM): “New diagnostic and therapeutic tools against multidrug resistant tumours”

[5] COST Action CA21145 - European Network for diagnosis and treatment of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections (EURESTOP)

[6] COST Action CA21115 (National Representative)- Iron-sulphur (FeS) clusters: from chemistry to immunology (FeSImm ChemNet)"


International Organization Committees of Conferences

[1] 2012- Member of the International Advisory Board of the Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences

[2] 2006- Member of the INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE of the  International Meeting on Halogen Chemistry (HALCHEM)

[3] 2017- Member of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) of the International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry


Specialization (specify)

·     Biological Inorganic Chemistry or Inorganic Biochemistry or Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry

·     Metallomics, Bio-organometallic Chemistry

·     Drugs activation (NSAIDs, Antibiotics or Antithyroids) with main group elements (CoMeDs)

·     Small Bioactive Molecules (SBaMs) containing main group elements

·     Discovery and development of new therapeutic Anticancer or Antibacterial agents

·     Encapsulated CoMeDs or SBaMs into micelles, hydrogels or natural resins with enhanced bioactivity

·     Active medical devices (anti-microbial conduct lens, medical gauzes for wound healing, active antimicrobial packages for medical usage, etc)

·     DNA – CoMeD’s or SMaM’s interaction.

·     Enzymes – CoMeD’s or SMaM’s interaction

·     Study of the mechanism of action of anti-thyroid drugs.



900 scientific papers submitted in the following publishers: ACS Academic Journals, Benthams Science, Brazilian Chemical Society, Chemical society of Ethiopia, CSIRO, Dove Press, Elsevier, Hidawi, Future Science, IUPAC, Iranian Chemical Society, MDPI, RCS, Serbian Chemical Soc, Sprinker, Teylor and Francis, South African Chemical Society, Walter de Gruyter, Wiley.


National Organization Committees of Conferences

1. Member of the Local Organization Committee of the 5th International Symposium of Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry 5th ISABC Corfu, Greece, 13-17/4/1999. (

2. Member of the Local Organization Committee of the 20th National conference of Chemistry, Ioannina, Greece, 20-24/9 2005

3. Secretary of the Organization Committee of the halogen Chemistry Conference HALCHEM-III, Ioannina, Greece, 28/6 – 1/7 2006 (

4. Member of the National organizing Committee of EUROBIC-10 - 10th European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference. Thessaloniki, Greece, June 22-June 26, 2010. (

5. Secretary of the organizing Committee of Eurasia-12 12 Eurasia conference on Chemical Sciences, 16-21 April, 2012 Corfu, Greece. (

6. Chairman of the Organizing committee of the 16th International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry, Ioannina- Greece, June 6-9, 2021 (


Research Programs

Principal Investigator and Coordinator in 15 research programs financed from national and Europeans funds with more than 800 kEuros up to now


Guest Editor in the Special Issues in

International Journal of Molecular Sciences:

·       Recent Advances in Metal Based Drugs

·       Metal Complex Interactions with Nucleic Acids and/or DNA

·       Antimicrobial Materials with Medical Applications

·       Metal-Organic and Organometallic Compounds Targeting Intracellular Components Inducing Apoptosis


·       Antimicrobial Materials with Medical Applications


·       Silver and Gold Compounds as Antibiotics


Top publications

[1]    Palladium coordination compounds as anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-tumor agents

Garoufis, A., Hadjikakou, S.K., Hadjiliadis, N. Coord. Chem. Rev 2009, 253, 1384-1397 Citations: 536

[2]    Anti-tumor activity of organotin compounds

S.K. Hadjikakou, N. Hadjiliadis, Coord. Chem. Rev. 2009, 253, 235–249, Citations: 476

[3]    Anti-proliferative and anti-tumor activity of silver(i) compounds Banti, C.N.,  Hadjikakou, S.K, Metallomics 5, 2013, 569-596 Citations: 220

[4]    Biological Studies of New Organotin(IV) Complexes of Thioamide Ligands.

M.N. Xanthopoulou, S.K. Hadjikakou, N. Hadjiliadis, E.R. Milaeva, J.A. Gracheva, V-Y. Tyurin, N. Kourkoumelis, K.C. Christoforidis, A.K. Metsios, S. Karkabounas and K.Charalabopoulos, Eur. J Med Chem., 2008, 43(2) pp 327-335, Citations: 151

[5]    Mixed ligand-silver(I) complexes with anti-inflammatory agents which can bind to lipoxygenase and calf-thymus DNA, modulating their function and inducing apoptosis

Banti, C.N., Giannoulis, A.D., Kourkoumelis, N., ...Charalabopoulos, K., Hadjikakou, S.K. Metallomics, 2012, 4(6), pp. 545–560 Citations: 112


Selected publications

[1]    New Apoptosis Inducers Containing Anti-inflammatory Drugs and Pnictogen Derivatives: A New Strategy in the Development of Mitochondrial Targeting Chemotherapeutics

Christina N. Banti, Constantina Papatriantafyllopoulou, Christina Papachristodoulou, Antonios G. Hatzidimitriou, and Sotiris K. Hadjikakou J. Med. Chem.

[2]    Nimesulide Silver Metallodrugs, Containing the Mitochondriotropic, Triaryl Derivatives of Pnictogen; Anticancer Activity against Human Breast Cancer Cells

         Banti, C.N., Papatriantafyllopoulou, C., Manoli, M., Tasiopoulos, A.J., Hadjikakou, S.K. (2016) Inorganic Chemistry, 55 (17), pp. 8681-8696. Citations 53 times.

[2]    A water-soluble silver(I) formulation as an effective disinfectant of contact lenses cases.

         Chrysouli, M.P., Banti, C.N., Milionis, É., Koumasi, D., Raptopoulou, C.P., Psycharis, V., Sainis, I., Hadjikakou, S.K. (2018) Materials Science and Engineering C, 93, pp. 902-910.

[3]    Poly organotin acetates against DNA with possible implementation on human breast cancer

         Latsis, G.K., Banti, C.N., Kourkoumelis, N., Papatriantafyllopoulou, C., Panagiotou, N., Tasiopoulos, A., Douvalis, A., Kalampounias, A.G., Bakas, T., Hadjikakou, S.K. (2018) International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 19 (7), art. no. 2055, . Cited 1 time.

[4]    Silver ciprofloxacin (CIPAG): a successful combination of chemically modified antibiotic in inorganic–organic hybrid

         Milionis, I., Banti, C.N., Sainis, I., Raptopoulou, C.P., Psycharis, V., Kourkoumelis, N., Hadjikakou, S.K. (2018) Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 23 (5), pp. 705-723

 [5]   Silver complex of salicylic acid and its hydrogel-cream in wound healing chemotherapy

         Stathopoulou, M.-E.K., Banti, C.N., Kourkoumelis, N., Hatzidimitriou, A.G., Kalampounias, A.G., Hadjikakou, S.K.,  (2018) Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 181, pp. 41-55. Cited 2 times.




[1] Issue’s front pages

(i) Ciprofloxacin conjugated to diphenyltin(IV): a novel formulation with enhanced antimicrobial activity

M.P. Chrysouli, C.N. Banti, N. Kourkoumelis, E.E. Moushi, A.J. Tasiopoulos, A. Douvalis, C. Papachristodoulou, A.G. Hatzidimitriou, T. Bakas and S.K. Hadjikakou

Dalton Trans., 2020, 49, 11522–11535

(ii) Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Cytostatic Properties of N,N-Dicyclohexyldithiooxamide Complexes of Antimony(III) Halides (SbX3, X: Br or I)

I.I. Ozturk, O.S. Urgut, C.N. Banti, N. Kourkoumelic, A.M. Owczarzak, M. Kubicki, and S.K. Hadjikakou

Polyhedron Volume 70, 9 March 2014, Pages 172–179

(iii) Mixed ligands silver(I) complexes with anti-inflammatory agents which can bind to lipoxygenase and calf thymus-DNA, modulating their function, inducing apoptosis.

C.N. Banti, A. D. Giannoulis, N. Kourkoumelis, A. M. Owczarzak, M. Poyraz, M. Kubicki, K. Charalabopoulos and S. K. Hadjikakou

Metallomics, 2012, 2012, 4, 545-560


[2] Our protocol is reprinted in Microbiology Bio-protocol Selections 2022, a curated series of the 26 methods most used by Bio-protocol’s community over the past year 2021.