Spectra CSV Merger (v 1.3.1)

A csv spectra files merger for ENLIGHTEN CSV files produced by software of Wasatch Photonics.
Instructions: Open the folder where the raw spectra are stored. Choose a spectrum (can include subfolders). 
Use the corresponding button to put the files together. Choose options for exporting. Merge. 
Look on your desktop for the merged CSV file with XY columns (default folder; can be changed).
Requirements: .NET runtimes 6.0
Installation: Just unzip and run .exe
License: Free
Windows Version

Linux version (by our PhDc E. Pavlou)


PowDLL (v3.0)

PowDLL started as a .NET dynamic link library used for the interconversion among variable formats of powder X-Ray and neutron diffraction files. Now it is widely acceptable as the best converter available. PowDLL can run on windows OS as long as dotnet runtimes version 2 (or later) are installed (i.e., Windows Vista SP1 or later). Linux is also supported through Wine.
License: Free.


WinPSSP is an intuitive application which uses direct-space methods to solve crystal structures from X-ray powder diffraction data. We implemented a simulated annealing optimization algorithm by minimizing the difference between the integrated intensities calculated from test models and Le Bail fitting. (Co-operation with Dr. Silvina Pagola, Old Dominion University, USA).
License: Free.

GSAS Data Watcher

Software to monitor convergence parameters and backup the output of GSAS-I after each cycle run.
License: Open Source.
Source code (VB.NET):GitHub

Continuum determination in spectroscopic data by means of topological concepts and Fourier filtering.

A novel implementation of a convex hull minimization algorithm for the determination of the continuum in x-ray and γ-ray spectroscopic data is presented in this paper. (
Download (mathematica notebook):GitHub



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Published on  February 16th, 2023