1. Optical tissue diagnostics - Biomedical spectroscopy

We employ Raman, FTIR spectroscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography, X-ray techniques and electron microscopy for biomedical diagnosis. Diseased skin and bone structural profile, and biofluids are of primary interest. Read more about Deep Raman spectroscopy and skin cancer screening.

  1. Biophysics of drug design and action - Computational modeling

We employ computational modeling methods to explore protein-, DNA-, membrane- interactions with small molecules with biological activity and drugs. Read more about Molecular Dynamics simulations on lipid bilayer models.

  1. Software for X-ray and neutron powder diffraction
  1. Body composition

IAEA supported program: Applying Nuclear Techniques to Design and Evaluate Interventions to prevent and control Obesity in Adolescents in South-Eastern Europe. Using FTIR techniques we measure the content of deuterium oxide in saliva. Outcome report on a recent European collaboration.

We are now in the process of quantifying deuterium oxide with Raman spectroscopy.


Published on  January 30th, 2022