Nikolaos Kourkoumelis, PI (Assoc. Prof. of Medical Physics and Biophysics)
SoftwareX (Elsevier), Assoc. Ed. in Medical and Biological Sciences
Applied Sciences (MDPI) Applied Biosciences and Bioengineering Section. Editorial Board    
PhD Students (4)
Eleftherios Pavlou, MSc
I obtained a BSc and MSc from the Physics Department, University of Ioannina. I use vibrational spectroscopy (Raman) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to study osteoporosis. I support open source technologies and I am using Python for processing and analysing measurements.
Chrysoula Petrokilidou, MSc
I received a BSc from the Physics Department, University of Ioannina and a MSc from the Chemistry Department, University of Ioannina. My PhD research focuses on studying onychomycosis using Raman spectroscopy.
MSc thesis: Assessing the metabolic profile of Malassezia species with Raman spectroscopy
Elli Akrivi, MSc
Non-invasive optical analysis of biomarkers in biofluids (collaboration with the Chem. Dept.)
MSc Students
Undergraduates (4)
Evangelia Nassiou
Molecular docking studies of potential inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 main protease (undergraduate thesis, 2023)


Dr. Martha Vardaki (postdoc)
I obtained a BSc and MSc from the Pharmacy department, University of Patras. I then pursued a PhD in Physics from the University of Exeter, specializing in deep Raman spectroscopy, followed by postdoctoral appointments in Imperial College London and University of British Columbia. In 2020, I joined Medical Physics Lab in University of Ioannina under State Scholarships Foundation (ΙΚΥ) funding. My current research focuses on monitoring of skin cancer and other biomedical applications by means of Spatially Offset Raman spectroscopy.
George Rossos, MSc
PhD (2022): Biophysical interactions of drugs and the cell membrane
Maria Varaka, MSc Medical - Radiation Physics (MSc student)
Assessmenet of skin optical properties using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) (MSc thesis, 2021; will be publicly available on 2022-01-05)
Undergraduate thesis (2019): The effect of UV radiation on biological systems: from nano- to macro-dimensions.

Dimitris Samaras

MSc thesis: Diffusion Modeling of Transdermal Systems with the Finite Element Method
Finite element model of the esophagus function and mechanics (undergraduate thesis, 2019)
Zoi Spanou, MSc Medical - Radiation Physics (MSc student)
The effect of chemical fixation and short-term freezing on bone quality assessed by Raman Spectroscopy (MSc thesis, 2020; will be publicly available on 2021-09-18)
Anastasios Nikolopoulos
Deconvolution of the D2O bands in ATR-FTIR spectra (undergraduate thesis, 2021)
Maria Karageorgiou
Finite Element Analysis of cryosurgury (undergraduate thesis, 2020)
Magda Satrazani, MSc
Thermal distribution of laser irradiation upon skin (undergraduate thesis, 2019)
PhD student at Uni of Liverpool 
Theodora Giannaki
Optical properties of skin phantoms assessed by Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) (Undergraduate thesis 2022)
Maria Giannopoulou
Raman measurements of saliva (Undergraduate thesis 2022)
Georgia Vardali
On the reproducibility of deuterium oxide dilution measurements assessed by FTIR spectroscopy  (Undergraduate thesis 2022)

Published on  May 4th, 2023